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KODIAK for Commercial Use | Quest Aircraft Company

With direct operating costs that are less than most piston twins the KODIAK will upgrade your fleet nicely. Spend more time flying and generating revenue and a lot less time on maintenance.  The KODIAK is a workhorse for charter operations and can single-handedly do the job that would normally take at least two airplanes. Modern avionics and turbine reliability bring comfort and reassurance to your passengers when they walk out on the ramp to board your KODIAK. With three levels of interior trim, you can match the look and feel to your clientele’s needs and desires. (Interior)

Rugged construction, high useful load and simple design make the KODIAK a great platform for commercial use and freight operations.

Adding to the flexibility of the KODIAK, the external cargo compartment not only adds volume to the aircraft, it also allows the flexibility to rapidly re-configure the airplane to fit your next mission. The KODIAK is a reliable all-weather airplane that gets your cargo there on time. With the durable design of the KODIAK and the factory-designed maintenance and inspection program, downtime worries are minimized or eliminated. (Maintenance Training)

High useful load is important for all types of air service operations and those who depend on them. Full sheets of plywood, 55 gallon drums, an air ambulance patient or business executives, are just a few of the loads the KODIAK carries. Every mission, to the bush or urban hub, is ultimately about delivering passengers or cargo from departure to destination—all 7,305 pounds of airplane and payload.

In and out of rough tight strips is only part of the journey. The KODIAK gets to the destination, and back, surprisingly quick. Airspeeds of 175+ KTAS are the norm while burning less than 45 gallons per hour, means that heavy loads or important passengers will arrive comfortably, quickly, efficiently, and safely.