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KODIAK for Personal Use | Quest Aircraft Company

This unique airplane is based on a different perspective. In an industry where most are focused on the time between takeoff and landing, we at Quest Aircraft are far more motivated by the time between landing and takeoff. What matters to us is where the KODIAK will take you, what it enables you to do once there and the remarkable ability to get you back. What adventures come to mind with your KODIAK?

The versatility of the KODIAK makes it the perfect aircraft for personal and personal business use.

With its high useful load and superior performance, you won’t have to leave people or equipment (mountain bikes, skis, golf clubs, and camping equipment) behind when venturing out. For your business use, land right at the construction site or mine, with your crew and their equipment, right there ready to work, no commuting from the nearest airline hub. The KODIAK’s size is extremely comfortable. With three levels of interior you can match your KODIAK to your lifestyle. (Interior Options) Turbine reliability and modern avionics puts your passengers at ease, while the environmental control system keeps everyone comfortable while en-route.

What new adventures can you have with your KODIAK? Where have you been longing to go, but unable to because of limited access? Think the back country of Montana. What about one of those white beaches in the Caribbean Islands? Commuting to and from the ranch to the office?

With the speed, load-carrying capacity, and the ability to squeeze into the tightest of spots, the KODIAK can take you and your engineering team right to the mine sight. Or move parts and mechanics to the oil field in support of heavy machinery.

To find out how the KODIAK can meet your needs and maybe even expand the horizons, contact your nearest dealer.
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