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Special Use

KODIAK Airplane for Special Use | Quest Aircraft Company

The KODIAK is an incredible platform for special use missions. With low direct operating cost, high useful load and superior performance, the KODIAK is a workhorse for multi-function, multi-role operations. Here are a few examples of what the KODIAK can do:

Aerial Photography/Mapping – low operating costs; turbine reliability; high useful load for cameras, equipment and fuel; high endurance – nearly 10 hours; incredible stable flight characteristics.

Medevac – excellent dispatch reliability; excellent cabin volume; ability to land and take off on semi-prepared surfaces within short distances. Combined with excellent economy of operation and quick change interior, the KODIAK makes an excellent team member for air ambulance operators.

Surveillance/Reconnaissance – the premier ISR platform is now the AIR CLAW™, developed in conjunction with Northrop Grumman Corporation. With the capability to loiter for 10 hours, stability of platform and the integration of high tech ISR packages installed for specific mission requirements, the KODIAK enhances the capabilities of military, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, plus numerous foreign government operations.

Search and Rescue – unsurpassed low speed characteristics and handling; search and rescue flight plan capability through the Garmin G1000 avionics suite and excellent visibility equal a superior SAR platform.

Parachute / Jump Operations – the KODIAK has proven to be a world class jump platform for both sport skydivers and military training. Climbing from sea level at nearly 1,400fpm, the KODIAK is certified to carry up to 15 jumpers. Four cycles per hour from sea level to 14,000’ means excellent cash flow and profits for jump centers.