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KODIAK Interior

KODIAK Interior Packages


The Tundra base interior is lightweight, yet it can withstand the heavy usage typically seen from charter operations that carry a combination of passengers and freight. The leather seats are easily removed (about 30 seconds each) and stowed for effortless conversion between passengers and freight. The floor is protected with a layer of rubber compound which provides a rugged anti-skid surface. Passenger Service Units provide fresh air vents and reading lights at each of the 8 passenger stations. Headset jacks are located at each passenger seat to allow everyone on board access to the aircraft’s intercom system.


A step up from the Tundra, the Timberline offers all the functionality of the Tundra, but with upgrades like carpeted interior, faux leather accent panels, seat storage pockets, and cup holders, you’ll be flying in style.  Timberline seats have additional bolstering for added comfort, and the removable carpet provides extra comfort, warmth, and soundproofing. If you’re looking for the ruggedness of the KODIAK, but aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort, Timberline is the interior for you.


The top-of-the-line Summit interior offers club seating, cabinetry, and carpet that allows you to conduct the business meeting in comfort on the way to the construction or project site. This interior also makes the KODIAK great for family trips! A true example of rugged refinement, Summit features individual headset, oxygen, light and ventilation with charging ports for your portable electronic devices, so you are entertained or productive while on the go. For more information on the availability of the Summit interior, please contact Quest or your authorized KODIAK dealer.

Creature Comforts

Air Conditioning

Keep the cabin cool, dry and comfortable even on the hottest days! Operated through a Touch Screen Environmental Control Panel, high volume air, a dramatic delta between outside air temperatures makes flying in hot humid locations a breeze. You use air conditioning in your car driving to the airport, why not have it in your KODIAK?

10 Place Oxygen

This option upgrades the standard oxygen tank to 115 cubic feet and provides an oxygen port to all passengers.

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